Your complete guide to the charming region of Asturias Spain

Asturias in Spain, Europe, is still a quiet well kept secret on an international tourism level. Strange, because for me it is one of the most loveliest regions in the country. It has everything for people seeking for a varied and active holiday: mountains (Picos of Europe), small bayes, pretty coastal and mountain villages, amazing nature and a beautiful rural arquitecture…..

In this post you will find a complete guide about Asturias Spain:

✅where to rent your charming holiday homes in Asturias, focused on the area of Llanes

✅a list of typical and charming restaurants in Asturias

✅what to do in Asturias

Asturias Spain

Asturias Spain is everything under the sun (and also rain because the reason of its green seenery is only possible because of the rain). I’m completely in love with its varied and beautiful nature, the small bays, beaches, mountains, palm trees in front of the historical Indian houses and fishing villages.

The Principallaty of Asturias (its official name) is a community and province at the same time situated in north-west Spain. Asturias Spain is bordered by Cantabria, Galicia, Castile and Léon and the Bay of Biscay.

The towns of Asturias have a very authentic architecture; a mixture between countrystyle and cozy at the same time. Some typical aspects are the Indian houses (it is estimated that there are more than 2,000 in Asturias), very stately with its palm trees in the garden, hórreos; the granaries where the people formerly used to store the grain, houses made with stone walls and gable roofs of reddish or slate and wooden corridors on the upper floors.


And what can I say about its wonderfull gastronomy such as fabada, the meat, cheeses and cider, although it is true that there is good food throughout the whole of Spain.

The only negative factor could be the weather, it often rains, but that is why it is always so leafy and so green.

The lovely village of Llanes, Asturias Spain

One of my favourite villages to stay in Asturias Spain is Llanes. The town of Llanes is located in the east of the community of Asturias on the edge of the Cantabrian Sea. It is a traditional fishing port attractive for many reasons:

⛵⛪ It is a pleasent walk through its streets and its harbor. You can enjoy its monumental heritage as the medieval tower Torreón, the medieval wall and the church Santa María del Conceyu of the twelfth century. From the coastal promenade of San Pedro, a grass path next to the cliffs, there are beautiful views of the town and the sea.

 Paseo de San Pedro, Llanes

?️ Llanes is a lifely village with a wide range of shops and restaurants

⛰️ There are many activities nearby because of the quick and easy access to the highway. In addition, it is near to the community of Cantabria that also has much to offer.

? There is a large offer of charming holiday homes and other lodging acommodations.

?️ It has several beautiful coves and beaches

Your charming holiday homes in Llanes, Asturias Spain

Twice we have rented charming holiday homes in Llanes and in both occasions it was a complete success!

La Torre de Andrin 

La Torre de Andrín is a set of 8 rural houses, located in the town of Andrín about 5 minutes by car from Llanes. They have different sizes of 2, 3, 4 and 5 rooms. They are built in the local architecture and, inside, decorated in a simple, rural and somewhat romantic way. I love them! Each accommodation also has a garden, which is essential for me.

Andrín is a quiet village, ideal for spending holidays with children because they can explore the countryside, see the cows and ride a bike through the town. The local people are very kind; one of my children went with a farmer on his tractor to give water to the cows. All very rural!!!

From these houses you can walk to the beautiful bay of Andrín, and thus avoid having to travel by car. This is appreciated because during high season it’s not easy to park nearby the beaches.

Being close to the highway (although this is not noticeable) Andrín is an ideal location to do all kinds of excursions. For example Llanes can be reached in about 5 minutes by car.

La Torre de Andrín, Torre 2

With 2 families we rented the house Torre 2 for 10 people. It is a typical construction of the area with lots of wood, beams, an exterior wooden corridor at the height of the upper floor, stone walls and views of the countryside. It is a large house and is distributed between 2 floors. The decoration of the house is simple but done with charm with white sheets and blankets, antique furniture, vases with flowers; completely in tune with its surroundings.

Asturias Spain

There are 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen, a living room and a garden with lawn overlooking the cows and a nice area to eat outside.

The owners live opposite and are extremely hospitable. They even brought us vegetables from their garden.

Normally these accommodations have to be booked well in advance if it is for the summerperiod.

The Cool Houses

On another ocassion we needed a house for the four of us and wanted to stay in a rural home in Llanes near the centre.

I found the Cool Houses located in the quiet Pancar neighborhood, in the La Carua urbanization. The building is designed in the local architecture divided into 2 chalets of a single floor. If you are a large group you have the option of renting the two houses.

The rustic exterior contrasts with the more modern and comfortable interior. Each accommodation has modern equipment and 2 bedrooms for 4 people. If necessary you can open a bunkbed in the living room to accommodate in total 6 people. There is a well kept lawn bordering the house, ideal for children to play and eat outdoors. For cars there are 2 parking spaces.

It was wonderful to be at a 10 minutes walk from the centre of Llanes. A nice and pleasant walk along the Carrocedo river.

The host, Felipe, is charming  and always willing to help with any questions.

Other options to rent your charming holiday home in Llanes, Asturias Spain

Another very interesting website to find your special holiday accommodation in Llanes is that of VilladeLlanes. They offer a wide range of beautiful houses situated in and around the area of Llanes.

Restaurants in Asturias Spain

There is a wide variety of restaurants in Llanes and other nearby areas in Asturias and Cantabria with excellent quality of their dishes.

If you visit Asturias, you can not miss its typical dishes such as fabada, cachopo (two beef fillets stuffed with cheese and ham), scorpion fish pie, cabrales cheese, chorizo ​​a la cider, etc. And all this obviously accompanied by a glass of cider.

List of charming and typical restaurants:

This list is based on my own experience.

El Balamu: this restaurant is located in the port of Llanes. It has fantastic raw material with lots of fish and seafood. The marine restaurant is both modern and cozy at the same time. Because of being situated on a first floor over  the water, it has very cool views over the port. We were delighted by this restaurant recommended to us by a friend who owns a house in the area.

Restaurante El Balamu, Llanes

Nacar by Annua: This Bistro Restaurant & Sea Lounge is located in San Vicente de la Baquera, a fishing village in Cantabria I higly recommend. The bistro is part of the restaurant Naccar rated with 2 Michelin stars. The terrace & lounge has spectacular views over the Cantabrian Sea. The menu offers creative dishes based on local food.

Restaurant El Carteru en Tielve, Asturias. Highly recommended to combine with your visit to Bulnes or the Ruta del Carres. They have a wonderful garden to eat sitting at one of their wooden tables with your feet in the grass surrounded by countryside and the Picos de Europa. Inside it is a simple bar. The menu is limited but no worries because what they offer is spectacular. We ate tortos of carbrales cheese with apple and onion and fabada. When I return to Asturias, I will return for sure and eat like 20 tortos, they are absolutly delicious.

Asturias Spain

Casa Eutimio: this is both a restaurant and a hotel located in a twentieth century house in the town of Lastres. While it is worth visiting this fishing village, you can combine it with a lunch or dinner at Casa Eutimio overlooking the port. I love the elegant design of its restaurant and the elaborate food.

Restaurant Casa Poli in Puertas de Vidiago: A typical Asturian restaurant with different rooms and a nice outdoor patio. Typical place to eat fabada. From here you can take a walk to the jesters or go by car by a sandy road

Sidreria el Cabañon: is located in Naves de Llanes. I like it especially because it is very authentic. This cider house is located inside a restored old quintana. A rustic place where everything revolves around cider which is not surprising if you know that they are also cider producers. Here you can find mainly cider, tapas and lots of meat.

La Cigoña in the Barrio de la Iglesia of Ruiloba, Cantabria. We visited this restaurant a long time ago but I have a wonderful memory of its peppers stuffed with cod. I see on Tripadvisor that it still has a very good rating. Typical Cantabrian food in a cozy environment

Things to do in Asturias Spain

When renting your rural home in Llanes, you have both the beach and the mountain nearby. So there’s no time to get bored. Here is a list of activities to do in Asturias, Spain:

✅ Villages: visit the fishing villages such as Llanes, Ribadesella, Lastres and Tazones or mountain villages like Cangas de Onís or Bulnes.

✅ Coves & Beaches. The list of the National Geographic gives a good overview of the best beaches & coves in Asturias. To reach the coves in general you have to take a walk but that’s its charm.

✅ Canoe descent from the Sella River: this is a fun plan with a group of friends, and is for both children and adults. You have to try to avoid August because in general there are many people and little water. You can descend 7km, 10km or 15km. If decide to go in August, do not get in a canoe with three people because you probably get stuck at the bottom.

There are many companies where you can rent the canoes (we made the reservation in advance) and when you finish they take you back to your car.

✅ Bufones de Pria: this is a natural spectacle. Cracks and chimneys have been created because of the erosion. They connect the water of the sea with the land. When there are strong waves, the water comes out strongly through the cracks, as if it was spit out. Quite impressive!

✅ Picos de Europa: this mountain range is the second most visited national park in Spain. Its highest peak is the Torre de Cerredo of 2,650m. Here you have the possibility to make beautiful routes through the mountains. Famous is the Ruta del Cares and I liked the climb to Tres Visos from the Hermida gorge but for the latter it is important to wear good mountain boots.

And obviously you have to visit the Lagos de Covadonga. On special dates such as high season and Easter you can not get to the lakes with your car but there are regular connections by public transport.

✅  Funicular de Bulnes:  It is called that because it connects with Bulnes, the only town in Asturias that has no road. The funicular is located in Puente Poncebos at the end (or at the beginning, depending on how you look at it) of the Senda del Cares. It takes you in 7 minutes to Bulnes, a drop of 400 meters.

We loved it but it is difficult to park in the summer if you arrive late so you better get there early. Bulnes is a very small town located in an idyllic place next to a river. We were jumping from rock to rock in the river and we had an aperitif on one of its terraces. On the way back you can again take the funicular. Fortunatly I decided to walk down and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Take a swimsuit because at the bottom of the road is the Cares river where you can swim (if you dare because the water is frozen). You can also get there from the bottom of the funicular.

✅ Comillas: a stately town located on the Cantabrian coast in Cantabria. It is famous for the Pontifical University of Comillas and the influences left by Guadi, including the El Capricho building. Just take a walk and enjoy the good atmosphere, the monuments and its shops.

✅  Parque de Cabárceno: If you you have enough time, you can visit this zoo in Cantabria. Because of its huge size, the easiest way to see the park is by car. A super plan with children!

✅ Selva Asturiana: we spent one afternoon with a group of adults and children in this park situated at 2 km from Llanes. Here you can move between trees through bridges and zip lines, do archery and laser tag, make bike routes …

Ofcourse there is much more to do like visiting the capital Oviedo. take the lift of Fuente Dé into the mountains and you can even ski in winter….. But I think this post gives a good overview of the extensive possibilities for your holidays in Asturias, Spain.

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks. Or if you want more information, you want me to talk about the rental of your charming home in Asturias in Spain or you think some information is missing, please leave a comment.


Bon Voyage!!!




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